Services types of counselling and hypnotherapy

Individual Counselling

Face toFace counselling offered in my own therapy room or Zoom Therapy. I do work with people from all over the worlk through zoom and have very sucessful results.

 I work in an interative way. This means that I am trained in a variety of modalities Person centred, CBT, Psychodynamic are just some.

 I work with what suits my client as one type of counselling doesn't suit all.

Couples Counselling

Couples come to me for a various reasons, from lack of intimacy and communication breakdown to trust, jealousy and infidelity issues.

 Family conflicts and difficult life transitions can cause problems within a relationship, as can work-related stress or financial problems.

 It’s for all couples of all ages and at all stages of their relationship  not just for those in crisis Sometimes its just that they need a MOT and find it easier to work through issues in a non-judgemental safe therapeutic environment. Face to Face offered as well as Zoom. I have been using Zoom very successfully for couples for a few years now.

Children and Adolescents

Growing up should be fun but sometimes children need a little extra support when life becomes challenging.

Counselling for children allows kids to explore their feelings and the issues that are troubling them.I do this using elements of play therapy, art therapy and other modalities. In doing so they can better understand their emotions, their place in the world and how they can take on challenges in future.

Teenagers anl young adults can express their difficulty in their own way and  having someone experienced with working in this fieldmakes it easier to build trust and relationships that will lead to therapeutic engagement.

Whether is exam stress, a nxiety or a difficult behaviour.Its usually easier to talk to a counsellor who knows what to do with what they bring. 


Clinical Supervision

I offer private Supervision for counsellors and supervisors.

 I am RMBACP qualified with an Advanced postgraduate diploma SQA level 11.

I work in an integrated way and worked with counsellors and psychotherapists in a variety of modalities

 Contact to discuss if suitable for your practice.

RTT Hypnotherapy

What is RTT?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a revolutionary new approach to helping people heal and release old, unhelpful patterns from the past. It is an evidence-based therapeutic modality that combines hypnotherapy, psychoanalytic techniques, neuroscience and cognitive behavioural therapies. RTT has been shown to be highly effective in treating a wide range of issues including addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma and phobias.


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